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We assist in the preparation and submission of GST returns on a quarterly basis eg. Form 5 etc. We also assist with GST tax reconciliation, GST tax authority investigations and etc. The services include the following,

  • Explaining how Singapore GST works
  • Advise on pros and cons of GST registration for your business
  • Completion of the GST registration forms and formalities
  • Preparation and filing of your quarterly GST returns


Major Exporter Scheme (MES) is a scheme designed to ease the need for business to pay GST input tax on imported goods which are being re-exported. It is administered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

In order to apply for Major Exporter Scheme, GST registered business will have to submit a Declaration Form on “Completing Annual Review & Voluntary Disclosure of Errors”. Such declaration has to be certified by a tax professional who is either “Accredited Tax Practitioner” or “Accredited Tax Advisor”.

We definitely can help you with MES Certification, Renewal and Audit.

We has our own in-house Accredited Tax Advisor to assist you in the MES certification, MES renewal or MES audit so as to meet the regulators’ requirements for Major Exporter Scheme application.